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No.6 kuijiachang Hutong, East Beijing Train Station Ave, Dongcheng District, Beijing

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My first time stay in this hotel. Good value, spacious room, convenient location, and friendly front desk staff.I will definitely stay there next time I visit.


Service very good, the hotel environment is good, the next move will be. Prices are also suitable.


Very good service, is located in the traffic environment is also very convenient! Room is also very good health!
Many foreign companies have to stay!


Impressed by the greens and facilities
It is very goods for its sevices and greens as well the value for the money!


The hotel is surrounded by a good, cost-effective is high, better than imagined. Strategic location, the hotel very good hardware, services are in place, the overall evaluation: excellent.


It's real good and it worth the price. I also live next to where the best place this hotel is very clean, good location.


Others are good, location, or convenient, clean hotel, luxury style.


Environmental good, service is pretty good! ! ! Will be chosen after the hotel!


Set out to help the guests, after the arrival of guests, the hotel, as well as hardware and services are very satisfied with geographical location, basically in line with the evaluation of Ctrip's friends almost.

2009-07-07      The Comment of Zhong An Hotel Beijing from ctrip

In-house experience
Me and her husband a new milestone in the old family hotel in a three-day stay, I feel pretty good, although very small, but very enthusiastic about their services, so that we feel are in different places, but not unfamiliar.

2009-07-06      The Comment of Zhong An Hotel Beijing from ctrip

Hotels home
I dream of young, in my 4-year-old son when a reality. Really good hotel, the environment first-class, like the price.

2009-07-05      The Comment of Zhong An Hotel Beijing from ctrip

Hotel hardware facilities of the environment are still good, convenient travel location, convenient health services at reasonable prices are also good, configuration is also very comfortable standard, reasonably priced concessions recommended hotels to stay.

2009-07-02      The Comment of Zhong An Hotel Beijing from ctrip

Environmental good! Service is good! May choose to stay, especially breakfast very rich! Very large field of vision

2009-06-30      The Comment of Zhong An Hotel Beijing from ctrip

Very good
Room comfort, satisfaction with the services. We spent a very happy holiday!

2009-06-15      The Comment of Zhong An Hotel Beijing from ctrip

Lot good, breakfast good, it is worth living.
1, no temporary room, deluxe room free of charge from the rose family, the good service attitude;
2, breakfast can be comparable to the quasi-five-star hotels;
3, the effect of bad noise, the middle of the night when guests stay, the corridor could hear clear voice;
4, the central air-conditioning special, must have been switched off, and sometimes will automatically start up and scare you jump.

2009-06-03      The Comment of Zhong An Hotel Beijing from ctrip

Lot good, breakfast good, it is worth living.
Highly cost-effective hotels, convenient transportation and good surrounding environment, is also a business center, it is recommended.

2009-06-01      The Comment of Zhong An Hotel Beijing from ctrip

The room is too small. Not recommended. This is the deluxe room stay, because the economy stayed in that small room. But the fact Deluxe rooms with the same size of the economy. Telephone asked the hotel staff (Deputy Village Hall should be) is 16 -18 level.Richard, 25 flat. the results of the hotel told me to explain the size of the room is the actual use. the construction area is 25. a fantastic room rate is low. Fortunately, the journey shoes can be, at least to the argument.

2009-05-30      The Comment of Zhong An Hotel Beijing from ctrip

The number living in single-bed room luxury room in the back side of West Lake, it seems that also some smaller, but still the same room facilities, and turn on the TV before going to bed bored the latent demand, the result is not close out to live, after a night! The impact of the trip the next day, the next day and a night. . . Haha, free IPTV good trip price is a bit big impact!

2009-05-27      The Comment of Zhong An Hotel Beijing from ctrip

Room very clean, especially the very comfortable beds, LCD TV can see a lot of units, down living.